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Rail me! VA Tech vs GA Tech Square Off in Blacksburg

Blacksburg, Virginia – The traveling Inside Tailgating crew packed the RV and hit the road for Blacksburg on Thursday, excited for the Georgia Tech vs Virginia Tech game at Lane Stadium. We rolled into town around 3:00 and parked the 40-foot RV in front of Blacksburg’s Top of the Stairs, more popularly known as TOTS. Notorious for The Rail drink, a signature cocktail that combines 6 bottom shelf liquors plus a splash of juice and float of grenadine, this college town establishment packs the college greek scene before the games.

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According to College Prowler, Blacksburg packs the punch when it comes to college party towns. Check their scorecard, here.

It had been raining on and off all day, so the American Tailgating League crew set up inside a mini Tailgate Challenge arena inside TOTS while the Inside Tailgating gang took off to hit the tailgating lots.

In the lots we had a little help! Jesse, notoriously known in Blacksburg as TechTron, tagged along and really stirred up the tailgating crowd! Check out his pictures, here. Iron TechTron is just ONE of the four Virginia Tech tailgating characters that are part of the TronNation. We need these guys in Vegas for the 2011 MegaGate!!

Hello Father Winter and thanks for skipping Fall all together! The weather on Thursday was cold and rainy, but that did not stop tailgating fans from both teams from throwing down in the tailgating lots! We canvassed the lots to capture all the best tailgating hot spots we could cover before the 7:00 game, and handed out Inside Tailgating magazine and koozies to fans.

We discovered a new game in Blacksburg! While in the student tailgate lot we came across a popular tailgating game played at VT that was new to us called Stump which provides friendly competition and the opportunity to hit yourself or a fellow tailgater by “accident.” The basic idea is that you take a hammer, flip it in the air once, catch it, and in a continuous motion try to hammer an opponent’s nail into a stump by which causing your opponent to drink an entire beer. Seriously – here is the website: http://www.worldstump.com/about.html Wikipedia tells us that the game is a derivative of the fairly bland German game Hammerschalgen. Thanks to the Germans for beer and Stump!!

As we made our way through the crowd of tailgaters we ran into a few notorious tailgating groups. First we stumbled upon the 1901 Hokie Tailgate Group – organized by Kathleen Royall. They did not let us go hungry! Next we hit up the Hokie Tailgater group right outside the Stadium. This group is organized by Hokie super fan Dean Farmer and it was a big day for this group as they celebrated by roasting a pig for their annual Pig Day XI. We also enjoyed some Hokie Man Dip along the way, and next time we will definitely get our faces painted in the spirit of the Hokie Man.

Inside Tailgating visited Blacksburg last year in December for the NC State vs VA Tech game. We have a crazy video you can watch, too! However, it was our 2010 traveling crew’s first time to Virginia Tech, so thanks for all the hospitality! The tough thing about tailgating is always hitting all the hotspots before the game, so sorry to everyone we missed! Shoot us an email with your pictures or share them with us on Facebook.

We also wanted to give a shout out to Taylor who was also on tour in Blacksburg on Thursday. He has a blog called Taylor Takes a Taste and has more pictures and tailgating insight, here.

Next week we are in Alabama for the Georgia vs Auburn game. See you there!

Tailgate Forever!

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