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St. Pat’s in Five Points – Columbia, SC

Columbia, South Carolina – It was still pitch black dark outside when the Inside Tailgating leprechauns loaded up the RV to head to Columbia for the 29th St. Pat’s in Five Points celebration.

This charity fundraising event kicked off on Friday March 4, 2011 in Columbia with the annual kick-off parade and dyeing of the Five Points Fountain. The charity event lasts two full weeks, showcasing food, crafts, beer, and music.

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The post-official St. Patrick’s Day celebrations continued on Saturday with an expected crowd of over 40,000 fans. We had a superb parking spot for the RV right next to Chick-fil-A in the Food Lion parking lot. We set up the TG4 Challenge and had tons of green-clad event attendees give their best shot at the $10K grand prize for a perfect score.

Thanks to everyone who came by! A special thanks to Winston – the dog who fetches beer from a cooler. Good boy!! Watch the video here.

To check out more pictures of our Inside Tailgating adventures, click here.

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