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White Lightning in a Jar: Midnight Moonshine

moonshine NASCAR tailgating

Moonshine runners made a fair buck during Prohibition. Idle bootleggers jumpstarted stock car racing careers fueled by white lightning. Heck, we’ve tasted our share of ‘shine in the tailgating lots.

NASCAR fans can now enjoy legal moonshine served up country style in a mason jar. Twist the lid to enjoy fourth generation moonshine legend and stock car legend Junior Johnson’s family recipes. Each handcrafted and numbered batch is tripled-distilled in a copper still by Piedmont Distillers in the backwoods of North Carolina.

Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon follows the Johnson family’s moonshine recipe. These 80 proof jars pack a true fruit punch – infused with either real cherries, strawberries, or cinnamon sticks (if you like apple pie).

Grab your Midnight Moon and make a run for it.

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