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In Just Two Minutes: Sunbelt Inflatable Tents

LSU tailgating

To help beat the heat and to get you guys geared up for the upcoming football season you need a tent, right? Tents are a tailgating staple used to both mark your spot and protect your tailgating crew from the elements.

From the heart of Dixieland, Alabama company Sunbelt Inflatable Tents customizes tents to match any team color combo and offers customized printing. Between the University of Alabama, Auburn University and the Talladega Raceway, these folks know how to tailgate. You won’t miss a beat in the tailgating lot as their massive dome tents only take two minutes to inflate!

Most important: these quality inflatable tents were designed with your tailgating friends in mind. They won’t collapse when a stumbling fan takes a nose dive towards your moonshine stash. Genius: stumbling idiot proof tents!

Choose from over 130 color inflatable tailgating tent combinations HERE.

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