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Archive | August, 2011

Disposable EZ Grill

The grill is a thing of beauty at all tailgates, magically bringing together people of all kinds, even fans of rival football teams. However, once the tailgate is over, there is nothing beautiful about cleaning burnt meat particles off the grill bed or loading the awkward cooker into your vehicle. The good folks at EZ […]

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The Shed opens in September

There are many Man Caves across the globe, but there’s only one Shed. If you like your tailgating just as much as your favorite team, then you need to visit The Shed. Located at Inside Tailgating’s national headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., The Shed is a 3,000-square foot warehouse that’s been designed to become the area’s […]

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Candlestick Tailgating Ban

Fans of the San Francisco 49ers have certainly suffered enough lately, watching their team go through eight straight seasons without a winning record. But now because of a handful of hooligans, tailgating has been banned in the Candlestick Park parking lots during or after games begin. The Aug. 20 Raiders-49ers preseason game was ugly enough […]

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Tailgating Beer Belt

The Beer Belt

You can tell a lot about a person by the belt around his or her waist. You don’t ever want to mess with a self-defense master in a black belt, and you certainly don’t want to trespass on the lawn of the rancher with the oversized belt buckle. When something needs to be fixed, the […]

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USF Fans Tailgating

USF Bulls Tailgating Association

The USF football program itself only dates back to 1997, and the Bulls Tailgating Association members began tailgating in 2000, when USF was still a conference-less, Division I-AA team. Since then, they’ve grown into USF’s premier pre-gaming party. Association President Brad Sufficool and his crew have amassed an impressive list of tailgating sponsors. “Basically I […]

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Tinchilla Instant Can Cooler

In National Lampoon’s European Vacation made in 1985, a flight attendant asked Clark Griswald if he’d like his Coke in the can. After looking down the aisle towards the bathroom, he replied, “No, I’ll just have it right here, thanks.” In 2011, Griswald would likely have a different, and much-less funny reply, probably saying something […]

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Drink-Holding Umbrella

At least two hands are always needed to properly tailgate. One hand grabs the food, while the other secures the drink. But what happens when it’s raining and you need to keep yourself (or significant other) dry while walking to the game? Jung-Woo Lee for Ek Design claims to have the answer with his drink-holding […]

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