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Possibly inspired by former Miami Dolphins/Chicago Bears head coach Dave Wannstedt’s refusal to shave above his lip, Urban Outfitters presents the Mustache-Shaped Flask. This five-ounce container not only secures your liquid of choice, but (like the title says) is shaped like a perfectly-groomed bushy mustache with its brown felt trim.

Especially from a distance, this ‘stache looks much more real than Wannstedt (now an assistant coach with the Buffalo Bills) who sports varying degrees of thickness and color throughout his lip caterpillar.

Even the most uptight, anti-flask partygoers can’t help but laugh when they see somebody sipping their favorite liquor out of an oversized brown mustache. Its measurements are 3¼” x 4” x 1” which makes it easy to hide in a jacket or pants pocket. The stainless steel container comes with a twist cap to prevent spilling before the big reveal that instantly turns heads.

And ladies can hardly resist a man who is charming and witty enough to recite the item’s slogan/pick-up line of, “because everybody needs a little ‘stache.” For ordering information, connect to UrbanOutfitters.com.

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