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At least two hands are always needed to properly tailgate. One hand grabs the food, while the other secures the drink. But what happens when it’s raining and you need to keep yourself (or significant other) dry while walking to the game?

Jung-Woo Lee for Ek Design claims to have the answer with his drink-holding umbrella. Although Lee designed this to hold coffee, it can certainly come in handy at a tailgate with your beverage of choice.

The concept is solid. At the end of an umbrella handle, a round cup holder ring keeps your drink upright while you control the umbrella. The design is not solid. You have to hold the umbrella at a 45-degree angle to keep your drink from completely spilling over, and since rain usually falls straight down, the front of your body is most likely to be drenched. Most upright-walking umbrella holders prefer to hold the rain stopper directly above their head. A strong head wind could throw you on your back with a chest full of your hot-chocolate-mixed-with-spiced-rum concoction.

A better functionality for this device is for use as a cane. Because you never know when your 350-pound buddy Meathead needs help getting up and nobody at the tailgate is strong enough to lift him.

For more information, connect to Ek Design.com.

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