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Tailgater Portable HDTV System

The safest place for expensive satellite dishes is certainly not Lot C where you and your buddies tailgate. All it takes is one errant football toss or one stumble from a drunken buffoon to put you out of lots of money. And a giant metal dish in a storm with powerful lightning can turn pre-game festivities real sour in an instant. With all this in mind, and the quest to actually come up with an original idea before DirecTV does, Dish Network invented the Tailgater portable HDTV System.

Now you can have the same quality picture whether you’re in your house or a few hundred yards from the stadium. The antenna, which resembles both a cool-looking UFO and a miniature toilet, connects to the receiver using a single cable. The on-screen setup is simple to navigate through and the system won’t prevent you from missing kickoff while you wait for it to shut down. It’s much lighter and easier to carry with its built-in handle than a typical heavy, awkward dish that makes you feel like Fred Flinstone trying to balance that huge rack of ribs on his car.

Although this device is a hefty $499, existing Dish customers have the option to purchase it for a more reasonable $350. Of course, these Dish customers have no way of purchasing NFL Sunday Ticket like DirecTV customers do, so this might be more of a Saturday tailgate buddy.

For more information, connect to Dish Network.com.

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