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J&D’s Bacon Flavorings

While some people need an alarm clock or coffee to wake up, others can simply rise out of bed with one distinct breakfast food smell — bacon. When the sizzling begins, most folks can’t help but tuck their napkins into their shirt collars in anticipation of getting greasy.

But two dudes named Justin and Dave, the makers of J&D’s products, have taken their love of side/back cuts of pork to a completely different level. With their slogan “Everything Should Taste Like Bacon,” J&D’s sells all kinds of bacon-flavored items, which is not limited to just food. The company sells bacon lip balm, bacon-favored “Mmmvelopes” and an item so popular that it requires a waiting list is the bacon baby infant formula. Seriously.

Some of the food staples are pretty predictable, including baconnaise, bacon croutons and bacon ranch dressing. But other edible items are just out of this world. Have you ever eaten bacon popcorn, bacon gravy or put bacon salt on a Bloody Mary rim shot? Didn’t think so. This bacon salt is also a hot-selling item coming in nine different flavors — original, natural, maple, applewood, jalapeno, cheddar, hickory, mesquite and peppered).

And if you really, really love your bacon, J&D’s sells a bacon rub that makes everything on the grill taste like it’s wrapped in a towel of bacon. For more information, connect to Bacon Salt.com.

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