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Lots of companies make a portable grill, and many of these grills adequately do the job of flame-broiling your food. But in terms of transportation, they are lacking. Many of these grills are bulky and extremely messy with all the charcoal. However, there is one exception in the portable grill family, and that is the Qwik-Cook Grill.

This cooker measures a perfect 10 on the environmental scale because it works simply by burning newspaper. There is no lighter fluid or charcoal needed to get this machine fired up, which is advertised as being able to cook five times faster than charcoal. A wire basket makes for simple flipping of your meat.

The clean up is also a cinch. Just take off the metal grill and put it in your dishwasher, then take the grill base and dump out the ashes. And considering it is endorsed by Pro Football Hall-of-Famer Dick Butkus, you know the grill is extremely tough. And not that anybody would say this to his face, but maybe the Chicago Bears legend became so mean on the football field because his name contains two juvenile insults.

For tips on using and caring for the Qwik-Cook Grill, click here.

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