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The Simpsons Tailgate Bracket

With the world’s most beloved animated series having kicked off its unprecedented 23rd season Sunday night, InsideTailgating.com has decided to celebrate the best way it knows how: with the ultimate Simpsons “Who From Simpsons Do You Want To Tailgate With?” field of 64.

“Like most good ideas, this one started with an office debate that nearly ended in an all-out brawl,” said Stacey Moore, the Managing Director at Tailgating Ventures, which is the company that owns and runs InsideTailgating.com. “We started arguing about which Simpsons character would be best to tailgate with, and we decided to settle the dispute the way all disputes should be settled: bracket-style.”

Visitors to InsideTailgating.com can vote at InsideTailgating.com. The character with the most votes in each head-to-head matchup will advance to the next round. Participants can email their final four predictions to brackets@tailgatingventures.com, and entries with the most correct final four picks will be part of a drawing to win a brand new Stok Grill.

“Homer has to be considered the favorite, but he’s got a tough draw with Mayor Quimby, Sideshow Bob and Otto Mann all in the Evergreen Terrace Region,” commented Brian Graham of top handicapping site StatFox.com. “While the most intriguing first-round matchup is sixth-seeded Barney Gumble against 11th-seeded Disco Stu, it’s the potential Sweet 16 matchup between Bart and Krusty the Clown that most of America will be looking forward to.”

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