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Krewe’d Awakening is a bit of a misnomer for one of LSU’s many outstanding tailgating groups. For most games, they actually arrive the night before and stay up all night. “Three beer pong tables look beautiful under the lights,” explains Michael Shamburger. When Krewe’d rolls in with their humungous trailer, they’re seriously ready to party. The group was founded back in 1999 by Shamburger and friends Matt Bryant, James McKey, Darren Derbonne, and Glen Jenkins—the result has been a 12-years-and-counting party. You can see the current Krew above (full disclosure: the trailer isn’t theirs, it’s the official LSU big rig).

Krewe’d’s food is kept simple, usually some jambalaya and sausage. “We are mainly there to drink,” explains Shamburger. “We do a lot of that.” The massive amounts of alcoholic intake are probably why LSU fans are considered ruthless, but Shamburger and his crew are always willing to share a beer with and entertain opposing fans. Going to a Mississippi State away game, Krewe’d “showed up so early that there was no one else on campus,” Shamburger recalls. By the time the home fans showed up, Krewe’d was on top of their game and entertaining the relatively sober Bulldogs supporters. Shamburger has a small LSU gnome mascot that ended up next to the Mississippi State live mascot on the field during warm-ups.

Aside from funneling beers with Krewe’d Awakening, there’s plenty to do for a first-time visitor to Tiger Stadium. Shamburger recommends visiting the habitat of live tiger mascot Mike. The marching band’s march down Victory Hill is also a proud LSU tradition, and seeing the band march onto the field is a can’t-miss experience. “We don’t play any techno music or dot any I’s with famous people because we don’t need too. Best band in all the land,” says Shamburger.

Or you can just stay near the Krewe’d Awakening trailer and get sauced. “By the end of the game the tailgate feels like a blur most of the time,” says Shamburger. “We should probably party less. . . Nah.”

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