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There are several portable grills on the market that function just fine as cooking instruments, but just how portable are they? Some are too heavy, some have wobbly legs and others have an awkward shape that just never seems to fit right when loaded into your vehicle. There is one portable grill available that truly defines the word portable, the O-Grill 3000.

This football-shaped cooker weighs less than 25 pounds and its parts fold up easily with a convenient handle at the top for carrying. And this isn’t some wimpy model that only can fit three hot dogs. The 225-square-inch grill area is roomy enough to accommodate food medium-sized crowds and the 9,450 BTU stainless steel burner works pretty quickly if uninvited guests stop by your tailgate. This grill uses standard 14.1-ounce and 17.4-ounce propane gas cylinders, which you have to buy separately.

Other than its tremendous name, there are some really cool features to the O-Grill. A utensil storage case is clamped onto the side, and if you’re finger food doesn’t require knives, forks and spoons, the case can be used for beverage and/or gadget storage without fear of these valuables getting burned. The retractable legs actually move pretty easily and make for a convenient stand without the need for a table top.

The O-Grill comes in six different colors, but LSU fans will be disappointed since yellow and purple aren’t available. And if you’re worried about greasy hands, you can also purchase an O-Bag carrying case, which works great as long as your buddy Meathead doesn’t use the O-Bag as his barf bag.

For ordering information, connect to Amazon.com.

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