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Archive | October, 2011

Funston Fire Pit/Ice Chest

Fire pits are pretty cool, serving the dual purpose of cooking your food while also keeping your body warm. But no fire pit is as cool as the Funston pit, because it also serves a third function as a beverage cooler. Yup. Like the former North Carolina State college basketball stars Chris “Fire” Corchiani and […]

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Element Portable Gas Grill

Portable grills are all the rage, but how many of these can you carry on your back and not be worried about grease dripping on your pants and shoes? Well here’s one that does just that, the Element Portable Grill. All that’s needed to transform cooker into a 15-pound backpack are adjustable canvas shoulder straps […]

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World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

The University of Georgia and the University of Florida will once again get together to play a football game during what is referred to as “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.” The schools don’t have a lot of love for one another, but that doesn’t prevent their annual meeting from being the premiere tailgating event […]

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Blitz Chiller cooler

Tailgaters are much more adept at emptying coolers than stocking them up, and it’s always a major problem when the cooler becomes beverage-free hours before kickoff. And since a lukewarm beer bottle takes at least 30 minutes of sitting in an ice chest to reach its desired temperature, a faster chilling solution will be called […]

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Armadillo Eggs

The pesky armadillo has been destroying lawns in the South for more than 150 years. These hard-shelled, strong-clawed champion diggers first appeared in Texas and eventually found their way to Alabama. This was likely due to accidental releases from Florida zoos and the creatures hitching rides east from unsuspecting Texans. Although the armadillo is a […]

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Briefcase BBQ Grill

Have you ever wondered what all the suits walking to work are carrying in their briefcases? A 53-digit numerical combination to a gold-filled safe? Top-secret classified documents? Stacks of 100-dollar bills to pay off a blackmailer? Or maybe the briefcase has nothing inside of it except for one shiny, red apple. Whatever your Hollywood-infused imagination […]

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Custom Grill Grates

Most visitors to our website love their grills. After all, the grill is the lifeblood of any quality tailgate. Some folks have particular colors, decals and covers for their beloved cooker, but what about the actual grill grates? If you really want to “pimp” your BBQ grill teeth like the above picture displays, check out […]

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“Roll Tide” is one of the best supportive team chants in any sport. Whether or not you’re a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide, you have to admire the effectiveness of this simple two-word rally cry. There is also a simple and effective way to cook at your tailgate, which coincidentally is quite similar to […]

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Samuel Adams Utopias Beer

Like snowflakes and tailgates, no two beers are alike. And there is really nothing like Samuel Adams vintage Utopias beer. Arguably the most extraordinary concoction of the ever-growing family of Sam Adams beers, this blend of batches (including some that date back 18 years) is advertised as tasting like a “slightly fruity brew with a […]

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