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Anti-Mosquito Application

One of the great aspects of tailgating is the ability to latch onto whatever group of people looks to be having the most fun. Most tailgate parties are open to welcoming uninvited guests and the tailgate is a great forum for meeting new people of all walks of life, even fans from the opposing team. But there are a specific group of guests that instantly ruin a tailgate—other than that guy named Ox who eats all the food and doesn’t pitch in any money—and that is the insect group.

One particular pest that comes to mind is the mosquito. Those blood-suckers are always ruining the fun, and they aren’t easy to keep away, even with all the nasty smelling sprays and lotions on the market. However the brilliant minds at Apple have built a phone application for keeping mosquitoes at bay, creating the AntiMosquito Fumigator.

This free application produces high-pitched frequencies that scare off the mosquitoes, which many online users claim actually works! And this app can run in the background of your phone, so you can continue using your device for anything you wish, such as setting your fantasy football lineup, Googling how to cook a steak or surfing the web to find the name of your favorite cheerleader.

For more information, connect to iTunes.apple.com.

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