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Meco Electric Water Smoker

Smokers are great on the surface, but they sure make a huge mess with all the charcoal involved. If only there was a reliable cooker that could use the power of electricity to create the desired smoky flavor… Well now there is.

The Meco 5029 Stainless Steel Electric Combo Water Smoker is more than a mouthful to say, but provides perfectly smoked meat with simply some wood chips (or chunks) and a standard electrical outlet. The Meco has a total cooking surface of 351 square inches with two levels of grids to put your meat on. The heating element is an impressive 1,500 watts, but the wood handles on the side and hood sufficiently protect your hands from burning.

To further enhance the smoking process, this device was built with a layer of water in between the food and the heat. You can add seasoning to the water for more flavor. And if you don’t care to smoke all your food, this contraption works just fine as a roaster, baker or steamer. Just keep the wood out. Other cool features include a removable thermostat and two side doors for easy access when you desire to add more wood or water. This is far more convenient than most smokers that require you to take off the lid and remove the meat.

Lastly, the stainless steel finish not only gives a sleek look that your wife approves of, but it doesn’t rust out like other smokers.

For ordering information, connect to Amazon.com.

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