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Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks

Former NFL coach, broadcaster and video game legend John Madden would often refer to the gigantic hands of the league’s defensive linemen as “paws.” And Madden, like most non-vegetarians on the planet, is also a big fan of stuffing his face with meat products before and after a football game. When he would broadcast a game on Thanksgiving, he would talk more about his turducken than he would about the actual game. These latter two loves of Mr. Madden are morphed together perfectly in this tailgating contraption from SnowBear — The Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks.

Shaped like the hands of a giant grizzly bear, these meat handlers really let the cook dig in to his or her food for a super-strong grip. And unlike Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler who has fumbled 46 times in his career, once these paws sink into the pigskin, they don’t give it up easily. The stay-cool handle on these forks allows for easy transfer from the grill to the serving plate.

This tool is also clutch when it comes to shredding chicken or making a quick pulled pork sandwich out of your pork butts. And when you are all finished eating, the bear paw fork comes in handy for scraping the grill teeth. Once you get home, just pop it in the dishwasher for safe cleaning.

Online reviewers are raving about this product with 84 percent of the reviews on Amazon.com giving the paw forks a perfect five-star rating. These ratings are probably three stars greater than how Chicago fans would rate the erratic Cutler. For ordering information, connect to Amazon.com.

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