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“Roll Tide” is one of the best supportive team chants in any sport. Whether or not you’re a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide, you have to admire the effectiveness of this simple two-word rally cry. There is also a simple and effective way to cook at your tailgate, which coincidentally is quite similar to Alabama’s beloved chant — The Rolltisserie.

The company Southern Pride wanted to provide their customers with a portable rotisserie system so they built one into a trailer that can easily be hitched to a standard 2-inch trailer ball for transport to tailgates. This automatic, wood-burning cooker is made from stainless steel and is ably controlled with a digital thermostat. It has four 2-level food racks and four chicken spits that rotate and intentionally drip juices onto the following food rack to create a succulent self-basting system. The heat source is a 65,000 BTU LP gas burner and wood can be added if smoking the meat is desired.

And unlike some portable cookers that have limited space, this device can feed a whole army. Some of the impressive capacity statistics include 200 pounds of pork butts, 112 pounds of beef brisket, 160 hot dogs, 64 quarter-pound hamburgers and eight turkeys or hams. The Rolltisserie also accommodates beans, lobster, shrimp and all kinds of vegetables, especially corn on the cob.

The Rolltisserie is sold on both a short trailer and a long trailer (18” extended with stainless steel storage box) and it’s even got a display panel for a team or personal logo. Other cool features include an ash scoop for removal of the hot ashes, as well as an advance air switch that allows you to open the doors and rotate the food.

For more information, visit Rolltisserie.com.

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