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There once was day when the microwave was a true luxury that only the upper-middle class could afford to have in their houses. But nowadays, you can walk into any department store and pick one up for 30 bucks, and most of the time the microwave will actually work. However, the boxed cooker has never been a portable device able to contribute to the fun (or laziness of those lacking a grill) at a tailgate. And that’s where Wave Box stepped up.

With the strong slogan: “Have Kitchen. Will Travel,” the Wave Box portable microwave gives you the power to nuke whenever you need to, wherever you are. Weighing in at 14 pounds with a heavy-duty handle for carrying, the Wave Box is easy to tag along to any tailgate.

The contraption works the same as a regular microwave, with preset cook buttons and one-touch options. The cooking cavity measures 10” wide x 6” high x 7” deep, and it comes in four different colors which look much tougher than their soft-sounding names: pearl, cherry, cobalt and midnight.

The Wave Box has three different power options. It can be plugged into any standard outlet, or the microwave can be connected to your cigarette lighter/car charger inside your car. And you can even go wires-free and power it with a 12-volt battery.

The cost is a little steep at upwards of $300, but just think, you’ll never have to settle for drinking cold coffee or eating cold pizza. And that, is truly priceless.

For more information, connect to The Wave Box.com.

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