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The cold weather is here to stay, but don’t let below-freezing temperatures ruin your tailgate. Instead of bundling up with eight layers of shirts that ride up your back, treat your body to the comfort of a walking sleeping bag.

The Selk’bag is made from the same nylon exterior and polyester interior of most sleeping bags. But this one has a place for arms and legs and weighs less than five pounds. Although the person wearing this garment will resemble Randy from “A Christmas Story,” rest assured that you will be able to put your arms down unlike the overdressed Randy.

The latest “4th generation” model also comes with Velcro straps on the sleeves to allow you to easily free your hands and then quickly get them back to the warmth of the Selk’bag. This outfit also comes with Velcro straps around the waist and is made in both kid and adult sizes.

The knees have been tapered for easier bending flexibility and there are more Velcro straps around the ankles allow you to actually walk normally instead of waddling like a penguin and repeatedly falling down when sober. And once you are safely inside a warm building, the suit folds easily into a bag that is included in the $159 retail price. The company also offers a “Lite” version that is 30% lower in weight (and cheaper in price) than the Selk’bag classic.

For more information, connect to Selk’bag USA.com.

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