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Chalk isn’t always thought of in a positive light. Being chalky (i.e. choosing all the favored teams and no underdogs) is not the best way to make friends in the office pool. When a food is described as having a chalky aftertaste, that’s never a good thing. And is there any noise worse than nails on a chalkboard?

However, chalk is finally getting it’s due with the latest tailgating gear, the Chalkboard Beer Mug. Finally, when you and your buddies (gal pals too) get together, you can differentiate your beverage containers with a simple piece of the flaky white stuff. No, not the dandruff falling out of your mullet. Chalk.

No longer will you have to take in the backwash of an unknown assailant or stop drinking out of fear that it’s not your beer. Just chalk up whatever suits you, whether it’d be “Beer King,” “Fear the Beer,” or “Don’t Touch!” the choice is entirely yours.

The folks at Etsy.com sell these cool mugs for just $12. You can choose either a 24-ounce beer mug or a 16-ounce pilsner glass (pictured). For more information, connect to Etsy.com.

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