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Redneck Tailgate Wine Glass

Tailgating is all about having a good time with friends and family. For many tailgate partiers, it’s also about enjoying the finer things in life, as certain sporting events call for more expensive foods and beverages to partake in. However, others take the Jeff Foxworthy approach of tailgating like well, a “redneck.”

If you’re in the latter boat of “redneck” tailgating, the perfect beverage container has been designed with you in mind. Swoozie’s is now marketing the Redneck Tailgate Wine Glass.

If you think this invention looks like a simple plastic cup attached to the bottom of a wine glass holder, then you’re probably too smart to be drinking out of this.

The company also sells a Mason Jar wine glass with a convenient lid, but the plastic cup is much more tailgate friendly than this breakable glass.

The Swoozie’s slogan says it all, “We’re bringing classy back, Y’all!” If only Earl and Randy would’ve thought of this, then maybe NBC’s hit sitcom My Name is Earl would still be on the air. Somewhere Crabman, Joy and Mr. Turtle are all smiling.

The retail price for this is a cool $6.95. For ordering information, connect to Swoozie’s.com.

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