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Tailgate Golf

Tailgating before a big-time golfing event might not be as common or grandiose as a football game tailgate, but there are definite advantages for a pre-golf party. The perfect weather that embodies most PGA TOUR events is a huge plus, and since you’ll be walking several miles following your favorite pros during these tournaments, you won’t feel as guilty about stuffing your face with three bratwursts before getting some much needed exercise.

As the TOUR heads to Miami to take on the Blue Monster in the World Golf Classic – Cadillac Championship on Thursday, it’s a great time to feature the latest tailgate game, appropriately named, “Tailgate Golf.” This test of skill is basically a combination of Cornhole and Ladder Golf, but uses an actual pitching wedge and golf balls. Now you can work on your short game while you have fun partying with your friends and family.

The object is to try to land the golf balls on the different tiers when taking your short pitches, with bonus points for getting it in the oversized hole on the top tier. The equipment weighs only a couple of pounds and the Tailgate Golf comes with a nylon carrying bag and six practice golf balls. The whole package can be purchased for $34.99, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than a round of real golf these days.

For ordering information, connect to Tailgate Golf Rules.com.

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