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March Madness is finally here! And if you’re attending one of these NCAA Tournament sanctioned events, no alcohol will be served in the arena. But for all you ladies (and possibly some men too), Papa Bert has another tremendously devious design to sneak your liquor into any stadium.

The Wine Rack Flask-Bra is not only the way to conceal a lot of alcohol discreetly, but it will also enhance the cup size of a woman’s chest. The flask-bra holds a whopping 3.2 bottles of wine, or the equivalent of 6.8 beers (or 64 shots of liquor)!

A built-in tube also makes for discreet pouring or sipping without having to disrobe and expose your secret. Although 36-DD and 38-D+ ladies will not be able to fit into this device, the rest of the women in this universe can strut their stuff even more now. Another great feature is that when the flask empties out, the wearer can just blow into the tube to keep up the appearance of a full figure.

For more information, connect to Papa Bert.com.

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