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Just because the weather is getting warmer doesn’t mean you’re stuck having to drink lukewarm beverages. When you really crave an ice-cold drink and you need it quickly, you don’t need an Arctic freezer, you just need to grab a Frost Boss.

This appliance can make your canned beer (or soft drink) go from warm to perfectly chilled in just two minutes. All you need are some batteries, a little ice and a finger to push a button.

This contraption works with a motor that spins the can at 500 RPMs. The horizontal rotation creates a transfer between the liquid inside the can, and the ice touching the outside of the container. After spinning wildly for two minutes, the device automatically turns off.

And because you never know when that last snowstorm will be, the hand-held motor can also be used on its own without the holding base, able to work perfectly by being stuffed into a bank of snow.

For more information, connect to Frost Boss Cooler.com.

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