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Spring is here, which means warmer temperatures when it’s not pouring rain. Every tailgate needs ice to keep the drinks cold, but the transport of ice is never an easy thing. Not only do the bags leak all over your vehicle, but ice has always been heavy and awkward. But unless you want to tote along a full-sized freezer, bags of ice are the only way to go, right? Well maybe not.

An eco-friendly company called Sunpentown International Inc. has created a portable ice maker that not only looks cool, but can belt out 35 pounds of frozen cubes in a 24-hour span. No drain or PhD-required hookup is necessary. You just need to have access to water nearby.

The ice maker — labeled IM-100 — measures 17 1/8” x 15” x 17” and when full will weigh 46 pounds. It has a 1.2-gallon water reservoir and can actually make three different types of cubes for those folks that are overly particular about their cube shape. And all this can be done with a push of a button and doesn’t require hammering or stabbing large mounds of ice.

The unit stores 2½ pounds of ice at a time and can turn water into 12 ice cubes in under 10 minutes. This equates to approximately two pounds of ice in an hour. For more information, connect to Sunpentown.com. Sadly their slogan is not, “Won’t you take me to… Sunpentown.”

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