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ETQ Portable Generator

Unless you are He-Man carrying around a lightning-inducing sword, you don’t always have the power. And with all the cooking devices and gadgetry needed to pull off a successful tailgate, you need something powerful to get the electricity running when power sources are difficult (or impossible) to hook up to. Thankfully Eastern Tools & Equipment Inc. (ETQ) has designed a 3,250-watt portable generator that is perfect for your tailgate.

With this much wattage for a continuous output, the ETQ generator is able to power lights, cell phones, fans, TVs, DVDs, computers, tablets, stereos, hot plates and even some microwaves all at the same time. The manual provides a handy list of typical wattage for each device to prevent an overload. Its large muffler keeps the noise to a minimum so you don’t have to shout to the person standing right next to you.

The fuel tank takes four gallons of unleaded gas and surges up to 4,000 watts. The device will run for approximately 24 hours before you have to fill up again. The ETQ generator also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Although this monster weighs more than some people at 111 pounds, it’s relatively easy to tote around with its sturdy wheels. The dimensions are 23.3” x 17” x 19” which easily fits into the majority of tailgating vehicles. And starting this baby up doesn’t take much strength with its pull recoil. Even He-Man’s bony villain Skeletor could get this device going without much effort.

For more information, connect to Eastern Tools.com.

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