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Even the most responsible of us tailgaters have lost a beer or two over the years. Whether it’s theft, forgetfulness or just plain drunkenness, it’s bound to happen. But now you can be sure that your beer will never go missing, thanks to this clever invention from Kotula’s (The Guys with the Goods).

The “incredible” Beer Pager will locate any beer within a 20-yard radius with the click of a button, and the signal can even go through walls! And no matter how long you have gone without your precious beverage, the included coozie will make sure you’re drinking cold liquid.

Not unlike the flashing disc you stare at for 53 minutes before your table is ready at Olive Garden, the Beer Pager has a disc that you set your beverage and coozie on top of. When you have misplaced your drink, simply click on the remote control button and you’ll hear a “satisfying burp” and the red lights will also flash.

The Beer Pager runs with four AAA batteries (not included), but there is a battery in the remote. Just make sure you shut the device off when you’re done playing hide-and-seek, or you will be spending much more on battery replacements than beer replacements.

For more information, connect to Kotula’s.com.

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