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Fan-A-Peel Tattoos

Fan Temporary Tattoos for Tailgating

Do you want to look tough, spirited and thrifty all at the same time? If you want a sports-related tattoo, but don’t want the pay the price and/or suffer the pain of getting permanent-lasting real ink on your body, try out Fan-A-Peel.

Made by Innovative Adhesives, these temporary waterless tattoos actually look like the real thing. Made from 3M medical tape, they actually stick to your skin as well, as opposed to the flaking or chipping on those water-based tats you get out of a gumball machine. And when your sporting event and postgame tailgate are over, the tattoos peel off just as easily as they went on. However, if you want to keep your tattoo for a long period of time, they will last for days, even in bad weather.

Although there are nearly 100 different college tats to choose, Fan-A-Peel can also customize your design. They’ll even send you free samples simply by registering online. The tattoos are made of “the highest-quality 4-color print image possible,” so your bulldog tattoo doesn’t end up looking like a beaver.

For more information, connect to Innovative Adhesives.com.

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