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Margaritaville Margarita Maker

Jimmy Buffett Tailgating - Margarita Maker

There’s no concert tailgate quite like a Jimmy Buffett gig. And with seven June dates on the Buffett tour, chances are that you can drive to one of these parties that turn parking lots into Margaritaville. If you want to be the Parrot Head of the party, the following tremendously-named device is sure to bring smiles to all of your tailgate partygoers — The Margarita Key West Frozen Concoction Maker.

As the name says, this powerful device is not just for frozen margaritas, although that is surely the beverage of choice. In addition of having the ability to make a medley of frozen beverages, what really separates this from a run-of-the-mill blender is that is actually shaves the ice and blends the ingredients instead of just watering down a drink with chunks of ice.

Although the price has dropped 40 bucks, it’s still a hefty $230 at Kotula’s.com. At least shipping is free and it does come with a one-year limited parts warranty. Reasons for the inflated price tag are because of its stainless steel finish and the fact that the box includes extras such as a shot glass, coasters and a cool recipe book. The pre-programmed settings also make it easier to concoct a proper drink instead of beverage that has the alcoholic kick of a child’s freeze pop.

According to Margaritaville.com, Buffett has just two scheduled gigs in July, but he’ll be all over the eastern half of the United States in July. He’ll play Houston on June 2, head to Charlotte on June 7 and travel down to Atlanta for a Saturday, June 9 show. Then it’s off to the northeast for a June 23 concert in Mansfield, MA and June 26 gig in Uncasville, CT. Buffett closes the month in Pittsburgh on June 28 and Chicago on June 30.

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