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The Whizdom: Helping an Average Joe When They Need to Go!

the Whizdom Personal Urinary Device


The bathroom visit at a tailgating event can always be a daunting experience. The lines are long, the smells are usually atrocious, and you can just feel yourself clench up when you are in a Porto potty situation.  I have heard my fair share of horror stories that have given tailgaters nightmares for the rest of their days and now there is finally a solution. A number one solution! Introducing the Whizdom, a portable urinary device that will solve any pee problem you encounter away from home.

Created by Whizdom inventor Adam Natusch 12 years ago, this device was invented for people who just want to enjoy their concert or tailgating experience while not having to stray too far from the experience when they have to go. What if you were in the Whizdom-in-actionmiddle of a crazy crowd and couldn’t really move around to well to get to a bathroom in time, the Whizdom solves all of those problems and you can enjoy your experience without panicking or getting arrested for indecent exposure.

If you want to give the Whizdom a try you can visit www.thewhizdom.com to buy one. The Whizdom costs only five dollars so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try one out. So head over to their site and pick up this unique product today and make your bathroom experience in the lot an easy stream! 🙂

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