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Uberfist – The Ultimate Beverage Holder


Our tailgating friends to the North have set the bar on over-sized, foam-hand beverage holders.  I am just postulating here, but I believe that has something to do with just how crazy cold it is up there in the provinces.  Uberfist not only offers the traditional beverage holding fist but a variety of styles for both ‘lefties’ and ‘righties’ including hockey gloves of course.  One of many distinguishing features is the interior plastic handle that provides your beverage with a much more stable resting place and facilitates a more natural raising and or pouring action.



They have a special event version in ‘Pink’ to assist in creating awareness for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation which is awesome.  Uberfist has sculpted a beautiful drink holder that is FUN and gets attention at any sporting event or tailgate party!  They have Uberpaws available, peace signs, and of course the traditional #1 foam fingers as well.  This product is super tough and constructed with very durable, non toxic, medium density poly foam.   This is a great item to boost morale at your holiday office party or even pump up the intensity level of your bachelorette’s night out.  The Uberfist has the capability to withstand the most enthusiastic and rowdiest of fans.  So get out there and ‘cheer long and drink loud’ with Uberfist.  Cheers! ($24.99) www.uberfist.com


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