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Lot Shots & Party Drinks


The 2014 Iron Bartender contest (5th Annual) was held recently by our our friends in San Diego.  The winning concoction from the September 30th event is shared below and be sure to check out these serious tailgaters the next time you are in sunny, San Diego!!

2014 Iron Bartender – Winning Cocktail Drink: Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Combine in shaker:

1 shot Sammy’s beach bar rum
2 shots Rumchata
2 shots Fireball whiskey
Splash half n half

Shake & pour into Mason jar glass with ice
Sprinkle with crushed Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
Garnish with cinnamon stick (I can’t drive 55 toothpick optional)

Mixologist: Leslie Muench & Jen Gasko


This recipe is compliments of San Diego Chargers Tailgating – D3 Tailgate

Check them out and past winner’s recipes!! sdchargerstailgating.com

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