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Sportula – You say Spatula. We say Sportula.


Why just have a spatula when you could be the proud owner of a Sportula? The right tools for the job, or jobs, are these stainless steel team utensils. Sportula Products has you covered with just about every team or sport you may root for. If you are going to be flipping burgers, go ahead and flip them in style. At least, that is what we do here at Inside Tailgating and you can too!!  Not even Thrilla can break one of these awesome cooking tools, made of heavy-duty stainless steel with hard maple handles they are just that – hardcore. The Sportula is truly a quality product and you will find multiple uses for these great grilling tools at your next tailgate or home cookout, we are certain of it. A 3-piece set is only $49.99. Go to Sportula.com TODAY and pick out your favorite team or teams. These handy tools make wonderful gifts around the holidays for your favorite sports enthusiasts. They are Thrilla tested, and Thrilla approved!!

sportula2                          PittSportula