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5 Kansas City Royals Theme Songs for the World Series Tailgate Lots

The Kansas City Royals are ready to party like its 1985.  There will be plenty of KC BBQ and cold beer in the lots along with all the Royal Blue.  Who knows whether or not Lorde inspired the Royals players with her hit song, but she has inspired a couple of parodies.  Let’s take at our 5 songs / videos that will be pumpin in the lots in KC:

1.  Lorde – Royals Parody | Kansas City “Royals” – by John Long: John published this one back in March and stayed true to the core of the song…gotta love the line – “Kings of the MLB….” with over 250K hits on YouTube hopefully Lorde took notice and this would definitely be in our World Series rotation

2.  No One Better – by J Flex: Inspired by Nelly…shake your Royal Blue Tailfeather at the Tailgate with this one.  Favorite line is “816 gonna party like its ’85, haven’t been to the post since I been alive

3.  Royals Blue – by TK and produced by Mr Giggles:  Anything produced by someone named Mr Giggles must have some current dope beats…Can’t nobody stop us know makes me want to rep some Royal Blue

4.  We Will Always be Royals – by Matthew West: Another take from Lorde by a christian rock artist. Check the stadium feel mix that makes you want to clap your hands and stomp your feet before you get into the stadium

5.  Royals – We Always Steal that Base #takethecrown – by Luke Wadey: Gotta enjoy this effort and passion from Luke. “We always steal that base…even Butler”….if someone sees Luke in the lot, give him a beer and help him his upgrade his crown for his Royals Crown for his next video…we will be on the lookout for it!

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