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National Nachos Day – Revisited

Well, just in case you missed it somehow (virtually impossible) yesterday November 6th, 2014 was National Nachos Day. Now, I feel that Nachos are extremely important to me on a personal level. They aren’t nearly as important as rising healthcare costs, immigration policy, our upside down educational system, or NCAA CFB National Championship playoff teams selection for that matter. We love to celebrate random party apps just as much as the next tailgate party over, most certainly. So, in honor of our country’s inane infatuation with Nachos and all things Nacho flavored here is an idea. Just put all the wonderful things that you like on your Nachos….chili and cheese, jalapeno, tomatillo, black olives, chicken, shrimp, steak, green onions, sour cream, guacamole, shredded lettuce(?), bacon….whatever it is you want on there. Put it in a bowl and mix vigorously. Take your chip and dip it in the bowl. Enjoy. Repeat.

Chips! Chips! Chips!

If you want to be fancy, put it all in a food processor and let centrifugal force create the best NACHO DIP ever created. Any problems you have had in the past with ‘chip to dip’ ratios will immediately vanish. You can now start working on solutions to the world’s bigger problems such as what are black holes exactly and how can we use them to transport ourselves back in time, or forward? Anywhere else really, just so long as there are Nachos. #Interstellar

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