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image001 (2)Are you ready for the Ducks & Bucks in North Texas tonight? The first inaugural NCAA College Football National Championship game is tonight at AT&T Stadium  in Arlington,Texas featuring two outstanding teams, the University of Oregon Ducks and  THE Ohio State University Buckeyes. These two team’s fan bases tailgate with the best of them and this should be a very interesting match up this evening as well!! We will be keeping a close eye on the festivities surrounding the big game and look forward to this intense battle between two powerhouse football programs. If you are looking for upscale tailgate destinations start your search here. We are sure there will be plenty of great tailgating type activities in North Texas and all around the nation for this awesome event. It should prove to be a great game, so enjoy!! The Ducks should be looking to get their quack back against the Buckeyes tonight. Historically, the Buckeyes fair well against Oregon boasting a perfect 8-0 record in the team’s past eight match ups. Things may play out a little differently for the Ducks in 2015.




Huddle Up, Cheer Huddle

Old School

Pretty Sweet

photo by fabportland.com

Ultimate Duckie

Do NOT taunt the QuackShack!

Duck Rally

The Duck Truck is Coming

READY! SET! O-kay!!




Duck Party




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