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Our interests lie outdoors for the most part. We spend a wonderful amount of time outdoors, and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else really. A huge part of  tailgating is enjoying our natural surroundings and being outside with other people who also enjoy the great outdoors. So, we truly identify with the spirit that BURNIE possesses and continues to develop. Their all wood, self-burning grills are made from Alder wood and are incredibly portable. They are chemical free and environmentally friendly. So, if you are concerned about being more conscientious about the world we all live in. Then, this may be something that speaks to you and your endeavors for enjoying the great outdoors as well. BURNIE grills are great for picnics, camping, beach trips, tailgating, hiking, or even cooking out in your own backyard. They are simple and affordable and burn for hours and hours. Tons of folks use these for their disaster preparedness kits or just keep a few in their vehicles because you never know when a little BURNIE might come in handy. They are great little ‘firestarters’ out on the beach around sunset… or sunrise. You make the call.

Stop by burniegrill.com and say hello to the little Nordic fellow who has to be related to that surf savvy travel gnome; we think they must be distant cousins at least. Get your BURNIE grill  today and go do some all natural-type tailgating….you won’t regret it. #Thrilla

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