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National Moonshine Day

Friday, June 5th is National Moonshine Day. To us here at Inside Tailgating that sounds like a great, amazing reason to have a tailgate party and celebrate. Ok, we seldom need much of a reason to do so, but let’s party anyway.

For National Moonshine Day, a Moonshine Mule is the perfect cocktail to enjoy. Check out the recipe below.

  • 1 part Ole Smoky® White Lightnin’
  • 2 part Ginger Beer
  • Top with Angostura Bitters


  • Fresh lime wedge


  • Mix well in a glass over ice


Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, is Tennessee’s First Legal Moonshine and comes in a variety of flavors, including the famous Apple Pie Moonshine.  At 40 proof it’s perfect for being enjoyed straight out of the jar.

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