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TableTopit: Cover That Table without Tailgating Hacks

Putting a tablecloth on a table and getting it to stay in place at a tailgate often requires one of the following tailgating hacks:

  • Tape the corners, ends, anywhere possible till the tape runs out.
  • Bring weights and put them down on the corners
  • Create a weighted centerpiece with flowers or a bucket of something
  • Plastic clip the ends
  • Use heavy curtains from the house

I admit, I have done all the above or just said forget the tablecloth all together. Forutnately, this entire Fall football season, my tables have been covered quite nicely thanks to TableTopit.

TableTopit is an elasticized tablecloth that fits perfectly around the table every time. Over the years I have seen a wide variety of elastic tablecloths, most of them plastic. This TableTopit is a light fabric that is stain and water resistant. It is machine washable and wrinkle free. Mine have gone through about 20 wash cycles and it still fits as good and snug around the table as it did the first time.

Browse the selection of designer prints and team logos at www.tabletopit.com. LilBig tested and LilBig approved!