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Your full bracket may be busted but there are still ways to play for the Sweet Sixteen.

March Madness provides a great opportunity for novices and experts to have fun and socialize around the NCAA Tournament.  Here are a five game styles to consider playing:

  1. Pick the Bracket – This is the most common and most popular game style.  Everyone picks all the winners prior to the start of the tournament and gets points for each win.  Scoring formats can vary quite a bit, but usually the value for wins increases each round.  There are always some perfect bracket contests that can be entered, but nobody has ever create a perfect bracket.
  2. Auction Teams – If you have a large enough group and want a good reason to get together to have a few beers before the tournament run an auction where people bid on each team.  Go free market or assign a spending cap.  Set the payouts so that teams that make the Final 8 are in the money and increase the % payout each round.  Assign a % to team that is the biggest loser in the first round so that some money is spent on those teams.
  3. Squares – This style is extremely popular at Super Bowl parties.  Create a 10 x 10 grid and draw numbers at random or just go straight 0 – 9 on the top and 0 – 9 down the side.  We like to get people in the squares first and then draw the numbers at random.  Pick one game each day of the tournament or do all 63 games.  Doing all 63 games can really spread the pot thin.
  4. Vegas Style Bankroll – If you can’t make it out to Vegas and enjoy the sportsbook action, then play a bankroll game where play money can be wagered on point spreads and over/under.  The person that accumulates the largest bankroll wins.
  5. Survivor – A popular format during the NFL Regular Season.  It can be set up to pick one on each tournament day or one each tournament round.  A team can only be picked once.  With the field getting cut in half every round, it gets tricky pretty quickly.  You don’t want to be out of teams by the Final Four.

All the major sports websites off a variety of contests and many of them for free.


Best of luck and enjoy all the different brackets you create and game styles you play.

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