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Titletown + Tailgatetown + 4DiamondTown = Green Bay Packers Excellence

How could the Lambeau Field experience get better? Have Herb Kohler insert a Four Diamond Hotel next door as an anchor for a new 34 acre development called the Titletown District. The groundbreaking ceremony commenced the development of LODGE KOHLER, a world-class hotel featuring a panoramic 5th floor restaurant, bar and outdoor cigar terrace; a full-service garden spa; an indoor/outdoor pool; an indoor/outdoor café opening to the plaza, and 144 rooms and suites – all with unique showering systems. Whatever a unique showering system is, I want to try it and will definitely figure out how to throw a tailgating party in it – heeeyyyyohhhhhhh….I feel sorry for the water bill when I am in town.

Titletown can only trump itself as the top bucket list destination for any football fan. Maybe it will move up the sports fans general destination bucket list, but it should already be solidly in the Top 5 of most sports fans. This announcement provides tangible progress of a plan that was unveiled by the Green Bay Packers in August 2015 to create the Titletown District. Don’t forget Lambeau Field’s major redevelopment in 2003 and the completion of an expansion and renovation in 2015. The Green Bay Packers are always looking forward and looking to improve their team, the experience for their fans, and add significant value to their community. It cannot be replicated or duplicated.

Go ahead an plan now to be in Green Bay during the 2017 football season. That is when LODGE KOHLER becomes a reality and open to the public.

LODGE KOHLER Infographic_