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Gotta Love A Sports Girl

We love women. We love sports. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that we love a woman who love sports.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Sundays. A woman who loves sports will block out Sundays from late August to February. So no need to worry about that strange family event that some people will schedule during football season.
  • She won’t distract you during the game. in fact, you may have to worry about keeping from distracting HER.
  • Jerseys. Nothing is more attractive that your best gal wearing the jersey from your favorite team. Enough said.
  • Fantasy Football. Not only will a sports girl have no issue with your fantasy football obsession, but you will have automatically have another friend in place to fill out your leage. Just don’t get mad when she kicks your butt all season long.
  • Presents. She will be easy to buy presents for at Christmas and her birthday. And she will always know what to buy you.
  • She will NOT be mad when you constantly check the score on your phone.
  • Beer. She will drink beer right along with you during the game. And after.


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