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Tailgating in an HGTV “Tiny House”

You’ve seen the mini-houses featured on the HGTV shows “Tiny House Hunters” and “Tiny House, Big Living” and wondered how the heck somebody can live in a 225-square foot space? Well, the network is giving college football fans a chance to get a feel for the answer up close and personally by bringing tiny houses to three college football games this fall.

The second of those is Saturday (Oct. 29) when South Carolina hosts Tennessee. Next weekend, (Nov. 5)  “The Tiny Tailgate” will be in Knoxville for the Tennessee-Tennessee Tech game. (The first was Florida State vs. Wake Forest Oct. 15 in Tallahassee.)

Tailgating at a tiny house sounds a lot more doable than living in one, but either one can give you great ideas about space-saving and de-cluttering, and in this case simplifying your tailgate. The “Tiny Tailgate” gets bonus points for featuring a dining room table that converts into a dart board, as well as a cigar humidor.

For more information about the stops, read here.