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Mini-fridge scores big: one device can cool and heat

Just when the low maintenance tailgater thought convenience stopped with a chicken dinner in a box, Cooluli has introduced a mini fridge with the versatility to either cool a six-pack of beer or keep burgers warm long after the grill has cooled. The Cooluli Electric Cooler/Warmer runs on power from your car battery through the cigarette lighter, the USB adaptor of a computer or an outlet at home.

When you’re not using the Cooler/Warmer to tailgate on weekends, take it to the office to keep yourbeercooler leftover pizza cool. Time for lunch? Convert it to a food warmer, wait about 30 minutes and that pizza is ready to warm. It’s a great device for moms to pack it in the car to keep baby formula cold on long family trips. It’s good for dorm rooms, boats, and most importantly the easy-to-manage tailgate for those who don’t feel like lugging around bags of ice and dealing with the melting mess.

For more information, go to this link at Amazon.com.