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“Lil Big” hits big time with grills-n-gear advice

Inside Tailgating is so proud of our guru and top dog, Stacey Moore. He’s otherwise known as “Lil Big” to our avid readers. The long and short: he’s hit the bigtime this month, appearing as an expert tailgating source in an article on CNN.com. Lil Big offers with his recommendations on everything from the best portable smoker to how to be more environmentally friendly at your tailgate. But CNN is a serious media outlet, so we’ll refer to him as Mr. Moore.

Mr. Moore’s take on tailgaters’ attitudes? Here’s what he had to say to CNN.

“I think people like to one-up each other,” said Stacey Moore, director of Inside Tailgating, a digital crazycoolerpublication that covers all aspects of the tailgating lifestyle. “You’ve got to have something new each year to kind of show off at your tailgate.”

In the article, he offers some of his best “grills-n-gear” recommendations, including BQ Grills for portable smokers and grills, Crazy Coolers for motorized coolers that can actually take you places, and The Great Plate to help cut down on waste at your tailgate.