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Tip of the cap to Brewers tailgaters

We already knew that Milwaukee Brewers fans were some of the best tailgaters in any sport, in any part of the country. This article we stumbled upon on www.onmilwaukee.com is just further evidence. This group of Brewers fans, many of them transplants to the greater Phoenix area, doesn’t wait for Opening Day to get their tailgate on. They’re tailgating for Brewers spring training games in Maryvale Park, and frankly, it’s inspiring.

“We’re watching Brewers baseball in the sun and it’s March,” one Brewers fan told the writer, Jimmy Carlton. “This is paradise.”

BrewersST2Maryvale Park is not one of the shiny new spring training facilities. It’s almost 20 years old now. But that’s how the Brewers faithful like it because it means the team isn’t pushing fans to stop tailgating and patronize the ballpark only for their food and beverages. And as for spring training games, which really don’t mean anything in terms of wins and losses, just getting the team ready for the start of the season, that’s just part of the charm for these Wisconsin transplants.

“It’s simpler, and sometimes simpler is better,” another Brewers fan told Carlton. “The grass is green, the beer is cold, the sun is out, they’re playing baseball, the park looks beautiful, there’s food, there’s generally – and maybe this is a negative for the Brewers – but there’s usually a smaller crowd, so you’re not waiting in lines as long. It’s less hassle. I’ve been to enough of the other ballparks, and it’s almost work to go to a game. Here, this is fun to go to a game.”

Amen, brother. Carry on. We salute your attitude. Happy spring!