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Triton coolers pull double duty, simplify tailgating

Look no further than Inside Tailgating for the latest in great tailgating equipment to make your pre-game prep easy to manage, so you can focus more on just having fun. The Triton Cooler is a cutting edge idea and picking up momentum through its own Kickstarter campaign.

Here’s the concept: it’s a cooler that hitches onto the back of your vehicle (comes with a frame that mounts on a 2″ hitch receiver) that will not only keep all the grub and gear out of the back of your car, but create a food prep-and-serve surface that’s ready as soon as you pull into your spot! The cooler is “double-wide,” if you will, and houses a pair of 75-quart cooler drawers that mean you don’t lose surface area every time you have to open a cooler lid. The drawers are thermally insulated and separated from each other which allows you to keep both hot food and cold beverages.

Speaking of the surface area. Once you get to your parking spot, you can fold out two tabletops that give you a total of 11-square feet of tailgating surface space, complete with four drink holders and hooks for utensils, towels or garbage bags. It’s basically get to the game, put out the food, and enjoy! The cooler comes with a built-in umbrella holder which can provide instant protection from the sun or rain.

Check out this video about the Triton Cooler and visit their website to find out how to support their Kickstarter campaign. Currently the only and quickest way to get a cooler is by pre-ordering on Kickstarter.  Don’t wait too long though, because if this thing takes off, they’ll be backlogged.



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