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Inside Tailgating’s Spring/Summer 2017 issue is out

Memorial Day is behind us, the NASCAR and baseball seasons are in full swing, and football training camps are just a few short months away. In short, that means it’s high time we shared with you the latest digital edition of Inside Tailgating magazine.

Because you are a patron of our website and made the effort to click on this link,, we are providing you digital access to the entire magazine for free. Check out all 30 beautiful pages, detailing the latest in tailgating gear, an inside look into what makes the Richmond International Speedway one of the top destinations in NASCAR, a rundown of the tailgating setup at the Braves’ new SunTrust Park, as well as barbecue grilling advice from PBS’ “Project Smoke” guru Steven Raichlen, author of the recently-published “Barbecue Sauces, Rubs and Marinades.”

All of that and more is packed into the latest issue. Check it out here:

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