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Give “GrowlerWerks” this Father’s Day

Down to the last minute and still not sure what to give your dad or husband this Father’s Day? Does he love craft beer? Introduce him to a GrowlerWerks uKeg, the coolest and most effective way to tote something home from his favorite microbrewery.

You might have seen buddies take home their favorite IPA with a glass growler. But those are only as good as the first time they’re opened, assuming they get where they need to go without breaking. The guys at GrowlerWerks came up with a pressurized growler that is not only durable – it’s either stainless steel or copper-plated – but it also lets you set the carbonation level where you want (from zero to 15 psi) and keep that carbonation coming, serving after serving.

GrowlerWerks was created by craft beer lovers from Portland, Ore., who have a combined 47 years of engineering and product-design experience. Check out their innovative design and shop at www.growlerwerks.com. While you’re at it, jump on instagram and share a story about your dad using #ukegdad to earn a shot at winning two free uKegs for Father’s Day.



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